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AD&D Gold Box Various world maps and area maps. Very few things are labeled: Pool of Radiance, Curse of the Azure Bonds, and Secret of the Silver Blades (except the glacier), Pools of Darkness.
Adventure King's Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Police Quest, Quest for Glory, Space Quest
Assassins Creed Maps from Assassins Creed, Assassins Creed 2, Brotherhood
Baldurs Gate World maps for Baldur's Gate/Tales of the Sword Coast, BG/ToSC TuTu edition, Shadows of Amn, and Throne of Bhaal. All outdoor maps for Baldur's Gate/ToSC and Shadows of Amn are up*.
The Bard's Tale Under Construction
Battletech Pacifica, the Cache, the Map Room, and the annotated WSP-1 'WASP' prototype drawing.
Dragon Age Amaranthine, The Deep Roads, Denerim, Ferelden, The Fade
Fallout World map and area maps for Fallout; World map for Fallout 2; all areas are labeled.
Freelancer Complete sector map; includes systems, jump gate connections, and jump hole connections.
Icewind Dale World maps for Icewind Dale, Heart of Winter, and all three sections for IWD2.
Infocom A few of them are done, but will need to be re-done because they turned out HUGE, and just resizing them turned out horribly.
Jade Empire World Map.
Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning's the Faelands, annotated and un-annotated.
Knights of the Old Republic   Under Construction
Mass Effect Map of The Citadel; checklists for assignments, exploration, and personnel.
Metal Gear Maps for the MSX version of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
Might & Magic Maps of the Land of Varn, castles, caverns, dungeons, strongholds, towns, the Land of Cron, the Isles of Terra, Cloudside of Xeen, and Darkside of Xeen.
Moebius Complete maps of the Four-Fold Realm and of Khantun
Planescape: Torment The Planes (well, the ones you'll be visiting anyway)
Starflight Complete map of the SF and SF2 sectors, including jump lines and systems within the nebulea, and the in-game map for Star Flight.
Ultima Complete maps of each region for U1-U7(BG).
Wasteland All area maps are up. Nothing is labeled.
Wing Commander The Wing Commander Universe map, adapted from the WCP map, and checked against LOAF's work over on the Wing Commander CIC.
Wzardry Under Construction
About the Site The legal stuff is mostly there, and the version history is more or less up to date, but the rest is Under Construction


Important note: Even in cases where I've gone back and labeled things in a map, I don't always like to be -too- obvious with the spoilers, so further information is right where (and when) it is supposed to be. You just have to know where where to look, or wander into them.



* Yes, I know all the water is green. A while back I stumbled on a way to make it a really cool blue, and I cannot figure out how to repeat it right now. So until I do, you get green.


Some words.

First off, let me state the obvious by pointing out that this entire site is a SPOILER. Should you choose to venture beyond this page, you WILL find information one is not meant to have unless one has finished playing the game. This includes maps, items, locations, and other things of a generally top secret ultra hush-hush nature. If this causes you angst in any way, shape, or form, turn back now, lest ye see something you shouldn't have. You have been warned.

I build this site by hand, using EditPad. I use XAMPP to test it on my local machine before uploading it to the web server. While the primary purpose of the site is to share information, the secondary purpose is to give me a vehicle to learn html and css. Yes, I realize Web2.0 is some pretty awesome stuff, and that it is probably a heck of a lot easier to do it that way. However. I want it to be just so, and I can't get that to work yet with any Web2.0 applications. Maybe one of these days, but not today.

I work on this site in my spare time. I have a real job (that takes up more than its fair share of forty hours a week entirely too often), and a real life, in addition to all of the virtual lives I lead in these worlds. This means the update process is agonizingly slow, so you'll have to be patient. No, I do not generally want any help, but I do appreciate the offer.

Most of my interest right now is maps. There are notes (and quite a few of them), but that is beyond the scope of my interest at this time.

Speaking of notes, the majority of my notes are in a for-real no-kidding pencil-and-paper note-book. That's right, the original word processor. This means I have to transcribe it a digital medium before I can put it up on the site. This means that the update process takes even longer. So yes, it takes a while.

On the subject of maps, there is some variety in what you will find here. I prefer to use actual maps from the game, whether by screenshot or by extracting data from the game engine. When this just isn't possible (and they are basic enough- I am not very good with it), I use Campaign Cartographer to create them.

I don't do the 'bad path', and as a result, I do not have that information available. When I play these games, I like to immerse myself in the part. I put myself into the place of the main character, and I become that person. My moral compass points at roughly chaotic good, and I have a REALLY hard time making it point otherwise. We are defined by our actions; for me this includes those in a 'simulated reality' setting - even if it's 'just a game' to you. Yes, I realize this means my stuff is missing a few things. If you're really interested, there are plenty of places out on the internet for you to find it.

I don't always use the original versions. Sometimes I like a 'remake' better than the original. Or someone has restored cut content, or tweaked the engine, or any number of other little things. As a result, things I present here may or may not be just like yours. In cases where what I am running is not the original, I generally try to let you know what changes I have made, and where these changes came from.

Yes, I know the color scheme pretty much sucks. If you have some other ideas, please let me know.