First off, I have not the slightest idea why I am doing this. I woke up one evening and had a thought. That night I finished the Ultima 1 map. There has been a lot of work in progress off and on since about 1997 (HTML 3.2!), but in the mean time I figured I might as well throw up what I have and let it be used by those few people who are interested.

This page was created using Editpad Pro. If you need something more than notepad, this might be something you want to look at. Not only is it powerful and feature-rich, but it is also portable with just a few steps (I keep one on my thumbdrive).

All of the tile maps themselves (except for U2) were created using a combination of Lord Vashnu Dragon's Extractor (he used to be be contactable thru the RGCUD, but I haven't seen him in many years) and Xenerkes Dragon's Ultimatrix v0.29A. Most everything else (signs, people, whatever) was created from manipulation of various in-game screenshots.

I borrowed the U3 Moongate picture from SIEGE PERILOUS, Drax Zaster's Ultima III Gazetteer site (which I found by perusing Paulon's Moongate Central site), with his permission.

The mouse-over tricks that I employ for annotations and such (check the moongates above for an example) is called overLIB, and it and the necessary documentation and copyright stuff can be found over here.

Ultima, in all of its incarnations on this site (pictures, maps, stories, names, whatever) is Copyright   Origin Systems. Basically, what is theirs is theirs, and I am not trying to make any money from it in any way, shape, or form.

The U5 NES map was painstakingly scanned in and cleaned it up (I think doing a good job, from the way she talks about the original)by the lovely and talented Crysta the Elf, a someone I know from the U5:L community. She was kind enough to send it to our trained monkeys here to put up on the site.

The favicons (except the one on this page and the main page) are the handcrafted works of Sir Cabirus, and are used here with his permmission. To check out the full gallery, or to obtain a set for yourself, head on over to his site for a look-see.

The site, the design, the way of putting it all together, and anything else not mentioned elsewhere is Copyright   2004- 2007 thehawk (that's me). If you want to mirror or archive it or something somewhere then that's cool (and even encouraged), just let me know who and where, okay? Thank you.

This site is dedicated to the Dragons and Ultima fans everywhere. I hope the one or two of you who come to visit find it useful, or at least entertaining.

Neither this site nor its creator is affiliated with or endorsed by Origin Systems, Electronic Arts, the UDIC (except by virtue of having been made by a Dragon), overLIB, or anyone or anything else mentioned anywhere on the site, except me, thehawk.

Thank you for your time, and I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay here.

Fallen Angel Dragon, UDIC

Hawksnest, January 2004
Last Update, March 2015