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The Ultima favicons are the handcrafted works of Sir Cabirus, and are used here with his permmission. To check out the full gallery, or to obtain a set for yourself, head on over to his site for a look-see.

The U5 NES map was painstakingly scanned in and cleaned it up (I think doing a good job, from the way she talks about the original)by the lovely and talented Crysta the Elf, a someone I know from the U5:L community. She was kind enough to send it to our trained monkeys here to put up on the site.

All of the Ultima I - VI, SE and MD tile maps themselves were created using the Lord Vashnu Dragon's coding wizardry (he can be contacted thru the RGCUD and Xenerkes Dragon's Ultimatrix v0.29A. Most everything else (signs, people, whatever) was created from manipulation of various in-game screenshots.

The U3 Moongate animation is from SIEGE PERILOUS, Drax Zaster's Ultima III Gazetteer site (which I found by perusing Paulon's Moongate Central site), and is used with his permission.

The mouse over tricks that I employ for annotations and such is done with overLIB (version 4.21), and it and the necessary documentation and copyright stuff can be found here.

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